What is Catalove?

Catalove is a platform where you can find top fashion designers and products online. Whether you love to shop, are looking for the perfect outfit for that special event, crave style inspiration, or want to easily grow your eCommerce, Catalove is your solution.

How much does Catalove cost?

Catalove services are completely free of charge. Our goal is to create a community passionate about fashion and shopping online, ensure a unique and innovative shopping experience, and meet the needs of both the client and the eCommerce without introducing any fees.

What is a Wish List?

The Wish List is your virtual closet and the place where you can keep track the products you desire most. Browse the Catalove catalogue, choose the items you want to follow, and save them in your Wish List. This will let you watch the items you like, review them when you want and, thanks to the Sales Alert feature, receive notifications when your Wish List items go on sale.

How does the Sales Alert work?

Imagine that it’s almost sales season and you find on Catalove the item that you’ve been longing for. Do you buy it right away at full price or wait until it goes on sale? Catalove has the solution for you. Login to the platform, find your product and turn on the Sales Alert for the item. The minute it goes on sale you will receive an email notifying you. Easy, right?

Are your products new and authentic?

Catalove works with top designers and retailers, maintaining a catalogue of products that have been carefully curated by our experienced staff. Our objective is to create a relationship of trust between the stores whose brands we carry, providing them with brand awareness and an expanded public, and the client who wants to shop online in the easiest, most secure way possible. It is for these reasons that Catalove carries only original creations, exclusive designers and an authentic collections.

Who is behind Catalove?

Catalove is a young, dynamic startup born out of the desire and enthusiasm to create a platform tailored to the needs of the client. The small team is made up of a designer, engineers, and a fashion editor. With headquarters in beautiful Florence, Italy, the team is ready to revolutionize the way we shop online.

How do you shop on Catalove?

Catalove makes it easy to shop online. You can search for specific designers or products by using the easy search function. From there, you let Catalove guide you with personalized product suggestions. Once you have found the product you are looking for, click on the item to find out more detailed information, such as the available sizes and colours. At this point you can decide whether to save the item in your Wish List and activate the Sales Alert, alerting you the minute the item goes on sale, or instead, you can go ahead and make a purchase. The moment you choose to buy an item you will be directed to the store where the product is available, and there you can complete your purchase.

When will my products arrive?

Any information regarding purchases and shipping is exclusively dependent on the on the store from which you were redirected from the pages of Catalove. For further information on your last purchase, shipping times and methods, you should refer to the Shipping or Delivery information provided by the eCommerce from which you made the purchase.

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